IBPS Agriculture Officer Preparation Tips (How to Prepare?) Subject Wise Study Plan

How to Prepare for IBPS SO Agriculture Field Officer Exam? IBPS Agriculture Officer Preparation Tips

IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) It is an autonomous agency which conducts bank exam for various posts every year.

IBPS conducts recruitment exam each year for the vacancy in clerical, PO and SO posts in nationalized banks, state banks, and RRBs.

Those aspirants meeting the eligibility criteria have to apply online, register, pay the registration charges, obtain admit card and appear for the preliminary and final exam and then interview before a selection panel.

IBPS preparation for agriculture officer is not a daunting task. You need to organize preparation for agriculture officer job in a well-structured manner

Through this post, I have discussed in detailed IBPS agricultural officer preparation tips with you. Let’s get started, comrades!

IBPS Agriculture Officer Preparation Plan

Meaning of Preparation
The first thing which comes in the mind is How to prepare for IBPS agricultural officer right? In an attempt to sort out your curiosity

The key factor affecting a candidate selection is IBPS agricultural officer preparation. If a candidate’s IBPS agricultural officer preparation is up to the mark, then definitely chances for getting selected is going to increase in tough competition with thousands or lakhs of candidates applying for the job across India.

What does IBPS Agriculture Officer Preparation mean?

It means to cover all the things for an exam in a very well structured manner so that no topic is left uncovered and the main points which could help the candidate should be noted down. Prepare means ready.

IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Exam Pattern

Students the first step toward the IBPS agricultural preparation is to be well-versed with the IBPS agriculture officer syllabus and exam pattern. The exam pattern is generally divided into 4 sections.

Sr No. Test Name Qns. Marks Duration
1 Reasoning (रीजनिंग) 50 50 02 hour
2 English Language (अंग्रेज़ी) 50 25
3 Quantitative Aptitude (मात्रात्मक रूझान) 50 50
 Total 150 125

The first section of reasoning will consist of 50 questions with maximum marks 50 and duration is 30 minutes.

This section consists of two parts which are the verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Analogy, coding-decoding, blood relations, inequality, series completion, puzzle, classification etc. would be included in the syllabus.

The second section of the English language will have 50 questions with maximum marks 25 and the duration for attempting the section is 25 minutes.

This section would consist of synonyms, antonyms, comprehension, and cloze test, error detection, spelling check, grammar, idioms, and phrases.

The third section of quantitative aptitude will have 50 questions with maximum marks allotted is 50 and time duration to attempt this section is 30 minutes.

This section would include the following topics number system, simplifications, ratio and proportions, profit and loss, chain rule, time and work, boats and streams, simple interest, compound interest, mensuration and many more.

The last and fourth section of professional knowledge will consist of 50 questions with maximum allotted marks 75 and this section would have the maximum time to attempt of 35 minutes.

This section would include agricultural practices, plant pathology, and post-harvest technology, rearing of animals, soil science, dairy science, entomology, horticulture and many more.

The above-mentioned information is for the exam and the topics covered under it. The candidate needs to undergo the entire information related to exam pattern which could help him/ her to prepare well. The concept of negative marking is also there in the exam wherein for every wrong answer 0.25 marks would be deducted from the total score.

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IBPS Agriculture Officer Prelims and Mains Preparation Tips

As the above mentioned four sections are in preliminary and mains exam, the candidate should get the complete information about the syllabus of the subject.

For the preliminary exam, you need to at least score the cut off marks. So you must prepare accordingly so as to secure the cutoffs.

Clearing the prelims is enough. Time management, speed, and accuracy have to be kept in mind while preparing for the preliminary exam.

But in mains examination, the candidate has to score good marks so that he/ she should be selected in the merit list on the basis of which the allotment would be there.

In addition to the overall score, you must clear the sectional cut-offs for all the sections. Time management, accuracy, practice, and speed are the most important factors to be considered for preparation.

How to Prepare English for IBPS Agriculture Officer Exam?

Grammar: Grammar is the backbone of the English language. This subject is meant for checking your comprehensive ability and English language understanding. Check Complete IBPS English Syllabus Topics here.

You must be a good reader of English Language. Make a habit of reading different pieces of writings; News Articles, Journals, Magazines. How to Prepare English Grammar for AFO Exam?

Vocabulary Preparation: English vocabulary for IBPS Exam includes various topics questions you should start using words to make your vocabulary perfect.

Along with reading English stuff, use other sources also like watch English channels, news, movies, etc. listen carefully and also practice with lots of questions related to vocabulary section that proper use of words to enhance your knowledge for this section.

Check more details on How to Prepare English for IBPS Agriculture Officer?

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Agriculture Officer Exam?

  • The candidates need to pay special attention and focus more on analytical reasoning than logical reasoning.
    Check Complete IBPS AFO Reasoning Syllabus Topics here.
  • Shortcuts would not help in this section. Candidates should practice hard and it should be on daily basis.
  • The reasoning section is the section which could be proved as a game changer section for the candidate.
  • The need to formulate a proper strategy is must to score well in the exam. The first thing is to understand the concept, which would help the candidate to attempt the question.
  • How to Prepare Reasoning for Agriculture Officer?

How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS Agriculture Officer?

This is one of the toughest sections to crack. There is no scope for guessing in this section.
This section is designed to test the vulnerability of the candidates by presenting a situation in form of questions. It checks the mathematical ability of the candidates. Check Complete IBPS Aptitude Syllabus Topics here.

The candidates must focus on the theoretical part and short learn the shortcut techniques for cracking this section. Do a lot of mental math in everyday life and make yourself able to calculate really fast.

Candidates should divide all Questions in Quant section into two categories: Easy and Scoring Questions and Time-consuming questions. Check more details on How to Prepare Aptitude for IBPS Agriculture Officer?

How to Prepare Professional Knowledge for IBPS Agriculture Officer?

This section has direct and straightforward questions based on the syllabus. The candidate applied for Agricultural Field officer will have questions related to animal husbandry, horticulture, agriculture etc.

This is how this section should be prepared by mastering the subjects that the candidate has already studied. A candidate can easily solve 50 questions within 20 minutes. The candidate should prepare well as professional knowledge paper is highest marks paper in SO Exam it contains 75 marks out of 200. Check more details on How to Prepare Professional Knowledge IBPS Exams?

Final Tips to Crack IBPS Agriculture Officer Exam

Below I have advised IBPS tips for agriculture officer for you.

Let’s have a quick read at the IBPS agriculture officer cracking tips

Short Notes: The best tip for IBPS agriculture’s officer is to prepare short notes.
The shorter the things, the more the brain will capture.
The candidate must make small notes while studying or reading any topic as it can help them during the exam time.

For quick revision purpose, the short notes are the most important weapon as shorter or small things are easier to remember than to remember large and heavy notes.

Time Management:

Time management tips for IBPS agriculture officer’s exam is crucial for success. This is the most important factor in any situation in life. Time management is the most important thing.

Candidates should know how to manage their time during any exam be it school exam or be it college exam or be it job exam. The candidate must manage time properly during or before the exam as well.

Online Mock test: The mock tests are a kind of pre-test which are for practicing once the whole syllabus is covered by the candidate.

It is the best tool which can help the candidate to score good marks and also give an opportunity for candidates to get aware of the online exam atmosphere, exam pattern, allow them to manage time as they would understand at which section they need to focus more and also improved their accuracy so that the exam could be conducted in a speedy but accurate manner.

Regularity: One of the most effective IBPS preparations for agriculture officer I would like to share with you is a regularity. I hope you agree with this.

Time once lost would never come back. Regularity is based on time principle only.
The candidates need to study regularly as the regular study will help them to remember the topics they have covered each day and then only the best performance output could be achieved.

It will allow them to cover each and every topic before time and the time left would be utilized for mock tests and other small things to be covered. It would not create a burden on the candidate’s mind to study a lot of stuff at one go in case of skipping study.

Shortcut Techniques:

Comrades, there are certain sure shot IBPS agriculture success tips which you may follow to fetch topnotch scores in the exam.

Shortcuts are the ways which take less time to reach the solution to a problem.
The shortcuts are very useful for candidates appearing in the exam.

The candidates should learn the techniques and should also learn how to apply those techniques in the IBPS agriculture officer’s preparation.

The practice for the application of shortcuts techniques should also be done.

Reading: The students must make a habit of reading newspapers, magazines and other stuff which could increase the vocabulary and other English skills.

Also, this would make a reading habit to the candidate which would help him/her an exam.
By developing the reading habit, the candidate would be able to read accurately with the speed which could be very beneficial for the candidate.

To fetch higher scores it is advised to refer only best books for IBPS agriculture officer.
Students for smooth IBPS agricultural officer exam preparation you need to follow the above discussion and enjoy hassle-free examination session.


I hope the above-detailed guide on IBPS agriculture officer preparation proved to be useful.
If you have any doubts pertaining to the IBPS preparation for agriculture officer you may reach us. We care about you and available to provide you with valuable guidance.
Good luck to all the candidates!!!